Jury Awards $5.1 Million to Man Hit by Lincoln Park Police Officer Who Ran Red Light.

April 14, 2017

DETROIT, MI – Prominent Trial Attorney Ven Johnson of Johnson Law, PLC announced today that a Wayne County Circuit Court jury awarded his client Calvin Sprinkle $5.1 Million in a case against the City of Lincoln Park.

Sprinkle was the victim of an October 15, 2013 traffic crash when an on-duty Lincoln Park police officer broke Michigan law and ran through a red light without emergency lights and siren. The officer pulled directly into the path of Sprinkle who was traveling through the intersection on a green light. Sprinkle has had 13 surgical procedures since the accident and suffers debilitating chronic pain.

Johnson stated, “The City of Lincoln Park has swept this crash under the rug and blamed Calvin from the day of the crash through the first day of trial. Calvin did nothing wrong and thankfully this Wayne County jury saw that. No one is above the law and this officer broke the law.”

Johnson also said his co-counsel, Attorney Jody Aaron and their trial team deserve most of the credit. “Jody and her team worked tirelessly not only for the three weeks of trial, but for the month before trial. They refused to back down. Calvin still has a long road ahead, but now he and his family can put this trial behind them and start moving forward.”


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Paralegal Deidra Moss, Attorney Jody Aaron, and Attorney Ven Johnson with Calvin and Laura Sprinkle. A Wayne County Circuit Court jury awarded Calvin Sprinkle $5.1 Million in a case against the City of Lincoln Park today.